Phoenix Escort And Massage

​Goddess Tara

Arizona 24 hour outcall



1 HOUR $300



half hour available in certain areas rate depends on how close I am to where you are at.



          Multiple hours and overnight rates contact Tara  

               Please have the name of your hotel the

               address and room number ready when scheduling                appointment 


               The following is for informational purposes only

 Your house should be neat and clean.

The bathroom should be clean i.e. sinks toilet and floor. Be sure there is toilet paper, hand soap, a clean hand towel, and a

washcloth. Gentlemen, I don't want to use the bath towel wet from your shower that you just took, that is just gross. Don't make me ask you for a fresh towel.

If you aren't a neat and clean guy you know it and so will I. Please don't make an appointment until your residence is clean. 

Thank you


          Please be prepared with the following: your full address including the name of the apartment complex, the building number, the unit number, and the gate code.* I prefer gated communities, but all apartments must be located in a safe upscale or

affluent area. If not gated I will expect you to meet me outside at an agreed upon designated area.

This is for my personal safety.  I have lived in the Phoenix area for over thirty years I will know the neighborhoods.


      *For those of you feeling insecure, I take my business seriously. I am discreet. I do not and will not divulge any of your personal information. This includes your gate codes. Just so you know I will not "just go there first." and then call you I require your full address as described above. 

                                     Thank you   ​

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